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Escape Goat 2 making a break for PC


Escape Goat, the premiere goat-based puzzle platformer of 2011, has a sequel in the works, developer MagicalTimeBean revealed to IndieStatik. The sequel will retain the single-screen puzzle level structure of the original, as well as its protagonists: a purple goat accused of witchcraft, and his mouse friend in a magic hat.

The most notable change to the formula is the graphical style. Escape Goat 2 has a much richer, pixel-dense art style than the original, courtesy of artist Randy O'Connor. MagicalTimeBean also plans to integrate "some new gadgets and perhaps new creatures." The sequel will debut on PC; plans for an XBLIG release are currently undecided.

If you're wondering just what Escape Goat is all about, we recommend trying the game's browser-based demo.

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