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New Asta beta videos show off questing, races, and world events

MJ Guthrie

The Asian-themed Asta: The War of Tears and Winds is currently in its first round of closed beta testing, and Steparu has posted a review of the upcoming title along with a number of gameplay videos.

Although there are a number of playable races and classes to choose from, some classes can only be played by certain races, which start in their own specific areas. The game features the standard tab-targeting combat, with either point and click or WASD movement commands. For leveling, Asta offers a variety of quests, from collecting to killing to running errands; it even boasts open live event quests with multiple phases.

Check out the landscapes and underwater aspects of questing around a port town in the clip after the cut. Then, for even more videos on the open world events and character creation for various races, head on over to

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