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Ubisoft mum on THQ Montreal plans, 'looking forward' to working with Patrice Desilets


The dust is beginning to settle after the pieces of THQ were sold off one-by-one last week. Among those pieces is THQ Montreal, which was acquired by Ubisoft. CEO of Ubisoft Montreal and head of Ubisoft Canada, Yannis Mallat, spoke to the Financial Post about the publisher's plans for the studio. First of all, regarding the two IPs acquired in the sale, 1666 and Underdog, Mallat didn't offer concrete details, saying that both are still unannounced projects and "we don't talk about that." For now, Ubisoft is conducting a "thorough analysis" of the studio in order to decide what to do with it going forward.

Mallat said that Ubisoft plans to keep the existing studio space, as well as the "possibility" for existing employees to stay with the studio. When asked explicitly whether any staff would be let go, Mallat said only "we had and we still have very ambitious plans in terms of growth even before this acquisition," adding that Ubisoft is "thrilled" to be working with the studio on future projects.

Of course, one of the most interesting notes of the sale is that THQ Montreal's creative director is none other than Patrice Desilets, who previously served as creative director on both Assassin's Creed and its fantastically received follow-up, Assassin's Creed 2 (pictured). Desilets left Ubisoft in 2010, later signing on with THQ in 2011. "I've known Patrice for 13 years and I know him very well, he's a great talent and I respect him as a creator," said Mallat, though he did not directly confirm whether Desilets will remain with the studio. Mallat did note, however, that the team is "very happy to look forward to working with him again" and that there are "definitely" plans to discuss Desilets' return to Ubisoft.

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