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The Daily Grind: Do you like the idea of browser-based MMOs?

Eliot Lefebvre

City of Steam has struck me as a darn good game each time I've played it, but it gets an extra layer of surprise added on by the fact that it's entirely played in my browser. It would be good even if I had to download and install a client, but the browser-based nature of it means that it's lightweight enough for weaker computers such as my laptop; Anywhere I can get a connection, I can play the game.

Of course, the browser client also lacks certain frills, and there's a certain innate strangeness to having a game as part of the browser when we've grown accustomed to games as separate things. But it's not the only game to exist solely in a browser, and other games (such as Runes of Magic and Second Life) have experimented with browser-based clients in the past. So do you like the idea of browser-based games? Or is it just a vaguely interesting novelty as far as you're concerned?

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