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Tiny Tower creator NimbleBit's next game is Nimble Quest

Brothers Ian and David Marsh of California-based game developer NimbleBit are taking a different path with their next game for iOS. Having made a huge splash on iOS with their sim-management titles Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes, the duo is turning to the action role-playing genre for the upcoming Nimble Quest -- and it's looking pretty distinct from their previous efforts.

Revealed by Touch Arcade, the title has you steering an unstoppable "conga line" of adventurers through endless levels in an attempt to cut down enemies in their path. Drawing on the idea of customizable "Bitizens" from Tiny Tower, you'll be able to unlock more adventurers and grow your adventuring party, thus increasing its power and bestowing it with new abilities. There's also a multiplayer component planned where'll you'll be able to join guilds with other players and embark on time-limited quests together.

Nimble Quest is set to be released sometime in the next few months. Head over to Touch Arcade for more screens.

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