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Breakfast Topic: How many 90s do you have?


The clue's in the name, really. I was writing this week's Reader UI of the Week, and the submitter, Omegah, mentioned in his email that he had four level 90 characters, all of which were geared enough for Mogu'shan Vaults, as a minimum. I assume he means the Raid Finder version, but my immediate thought was, well, good going Omegah!

I'm not quite there yet, my fourth 90 is on her way up. She's currently 89, and while the others are all well-geared enough to get into the Raid Finder, in one of their cases, it's really by the skin of their teeth. This is partly due to my stubborn, childish refusal to do daily quests. I've literally just started doing the Tillers ones, having finally got round to leveling professions and realized that everything useful you can make with Alchemy requires at least one Golden Lotus. Both the faction and the herb are a bit of a pain.

But then, as I assessed my own character pool, bemoaning the fact that I'm clearly behind Omegah in the progress of my army of alts, I began wondering where everyone else was in the Mists arms race. Do you have several 90s? Or just the one, or none at all? Are they geared?

And, importantly, how many 90s do you want? Are you the WoW equivalent of a swan, or a sparrow? If you didn't know, swans mate for life, while sparrows are more, shall we say, outgoing. Do you stick with one character, or like to have the variety that alts offer? Does your raid team mean that it's really important for you to be flexible, like Omegah's? How many 90s do you have?

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