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Footage of Ubisoft project 'Osiris' surfaces, 'no longer moving forward'


A mock-up trailer for a Ubisoft project titled Osiris has been uncovered. The trailer was uploaded five months ago by composer Mark Kilian (Rendition), who purports that it was commissioned by Ubisoft Montreal. The video itself is cobbled together from live-action motion capture sessions and concept art. It takes place in an Egyptian setting, featuring a street brawl, a magically summoned swarm of insects and a rather beefy protagonist. The video shares some similarities with screenshots that were leaked last year, which many thought to be taken from a new Prince of Persia (a claim series creator Jordan Mechner later refuted).

Whatever Osiris was – a new IP or a Prince of Persia sequel – it's not a Ubisoft project anymore, the publisher told Polygon. "The content in question was from a Ubisoft project that is no longer moving forward," a spokesperson said.

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