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Gunslugs rampages through Ouya, gets caught on film


OrangePixel's Pascal Bestebroer developed Gunslugs with the Ouya in mind, adding a deep co-op experience that he thought would shine on a cheap, open, Android-based console. In the above video, Bestebroer and a buddy give Gunslugs a go on an Ouya developer model, in two-player co-op mode.

The Ouya cetainly looks and sounds like a home conosle in this video, and Gunslugs lives up to its promise of "over-the-top action, very much like the old action movies of the 80s," as Bestebroer describes in his recent Indie Pitch.

"The Ouya is mostly a very interesting development," Bestebroer says. "I have no idea if it will succeed in its first version, but the fact that their Kickstarter was such a huge success shows that people want this cheaper, and more open, console experience."

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