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Steam Greenlight adds skip, follow, share options, new dev stats


Steam Greenlight is still finding its place in this wild, mixed-up online world, and Valve is tweaking its systems based on community feedback, which is appropriate for a crowd-sourced service. Steam Greenlight now features an "Ask me again later" option next to the "Yes" and "No" voting buttons. Skipped items will disappear from users' queues for one month, before returning in a blaze of indecisive glory. Users can also view skipped titles in the new "Items to Revisit Later" menu.

Adding to the "favorite" ability, Greenlighters can now "follow" games and receive notifications when the developer posts updates. All previously favorited items are automatically part of users' follow lists right now. It's possible to follow collections as well, and collection owners can post updates that are sent directly to those interested in their bundles.

Developers get in on the action with this update, too, with a new set of detailed statistics showing how many people view their item and vote on it.

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