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Bowblade is an exercise bow for your iPhone

There are a lot of accessories to be seen at Macworld 2013, but none caught our eye -- nay, shot an arrow into it -- like the Bowblade. After all, it's kind of hard to miss what looks like a hunting bow being brandished in the middle of a computing convention.

Currently in prototype form, the 4-pound accessory holds an iPhone or iPod touch and uses a mechanism to tap your device's screen when you pull a string with a metal ring attached -- the equivalent (well, reverse) of releasing the arrow on an actual bow. The catch is that the mechanism won't work unless the bow is pulled back into its full firing position, a feat that requires a bit of strength. Thus, the accessory's makers are touting its use as a workout device.

The Bowblade works with about 35 games currently available on the App Store, some of which allow you to aim using your device's gyroscope, providing an augmented reality aspect to the experience. Notable titles include Star Battalion from Gameloft, Sniper vs. Sniper from Com2us and Lazer Tag from Hasbro.

In the event that a 4-pound plastic bow sounds like just the thing your iOS device has been missing, the Bowblade is available for pre-order now to ship in April. Oh, and the price... it's US$185. But, hey, if you want to make the trek to Macworld, you can snag a pre-order for only $155.

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