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    Daily iPad App: WWF Together combines conservation with stunning wildlife photography


    WWF Together is an educational and entertaining iPad app from the World Wildlife Fund. Like most wildlife apps, WWF Together includes stunning videos and photos of animals in their natural habitats There's also conservation information as well as interesting and oddball facts about each animal. WWF Together features eight animals, with additional wildlife added each month.

    Daily iPad App WWF Together combines conservation with stunning wildlife photography

    What sets WWF apart from similar wildlife apps is its clever panel layout (shown above) that lets you digest small bits and pieces about each animal. When you view an entry, you can scroll up/down or left/right to view a new panel. Some panels have images, while others have a collection of scrollable short facts. There's even a few interactive games thrown in the mix as well. Each animal has about eight to nine panels of information.

    If you have children, they will love the origami feature of the WWF Together app. The app allows you to watch and then send an origami video of each animal to your friends or family. You can also download instructions to create your own folded-paper creations.

    WWF Together is great for a quick read when you have some free time. If the facts don't strike your fancy, then you will definitely appreciate the gorgeous images. I frequently find myself firing up WWF Together just to gaze at the wildlife photographs. WWF Together is available for free from the iOS App Store.

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