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Kröme case for iPhone promises interchangeable add-ons

Danville, Calif.-based Kröme has a unique angle on the growing trend of iPhone cases that feature storage for things like credit cards, keys and cash (such as the iLid we recently checked out). For its signature product, the company is planning a range of interchangeable "cartridges" that add functionality beyond the included storage space meant for items that normally reside in your wallet.

The US$38.95 case is available in black, white, red or pink for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. Its rubberized polycarbonate shell has a recess that accommodates the included flip-open cartridge -- either the CargoCase (holds up to 12 business cards or five credit cards) or CompactCase (five business cards or two credit cards). Both configurations cost the same, and both feature a scratch-resistant mirror that can be used as a compact. The compartment's door also acts as a horizontal and vertical kickstand when opened.

Like we said, though, the most unique aspect of the Kröme case is its ability to be expanded with other feature packs. The in-development options include the SolarCase (solar charging panel), MeterCase (blood glucose and other sensors), MemoryCase (flash memory drive), BatteryCase (extended battery), LaserCase (laser pointer and LED light) and ToolCase (multi-tool).

Right now, the accessories only exist in prototype form and Kröme isn't talking about planned release dates or pricing for any of them, so the case's true potential remains very much "to be determined." For now, it's going to have to rely on the flip-open design and built-in mirror to distinguish it from the pack.

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