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NeoFinder powerfully catalogs and indexes your photos, music and much more


NeoFinder is a fast and efficient cataloger (digital asset manager) for all your data. TUAW's not previously discussed NeoFinder, but with high recommendations and praise, it's recently come to our attention in the TUAW head office, so we though we'd give it a mention.

From documents to photos and folders, NeoFinder will keep track of all your files and folders -- wherever they may be stored -- and make them easily searchable and accessible with a full inventory, including preview thumbnails for supported photos, documents audio and video. In a nutshell, NeoFinder is like a supercharged Finder with very specific search parameters.

Even with powerful built-in Mac OS X features like Spotlight and QuickLook, it can be so frustrating when you can't find exactly what you're looking for because you can't remember exactly where you put it.

If you work with large quantities of photos, audio files, video or documents, but have found yourself struggling to find that file -- it could be in any number of offline hard drives, discs or backups -- then NeoFinder if probably what you need.

First released some 16 years ago, NeoFinder (formerly CDFinder) has moved with the times, continuously being developed and updated into its current 6.0.1 iteration, which now supports Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Other stand out features include geotagging, cross-platform network with abeMeda for Windows and the ability to look inside archived files like ZIP, TAR, RAR and Stuffit files.

I downloaded the free trial of NeoFinder and used it for some time. Though this is not a full review, I found it to be intuitive, fast and accurate. It certainly handled everything I could throw at it. But where NeoFinder shines, I expect, will be with large amounts of data. The NeoFinder websites touts users like NASA and the BBC. I can only imagine the amounts of data those guys will catalog and store.

NeoFinder is available to download as a trial (with up to 10 catalogs) or purchase the activation code for US$39.99 for a private license, which removes the catalog restriction.

Do you use NeoFinder or other cataloging/indexing software? How does it work for you and your demands? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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