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Rumor: Countdown site hints at Prey 2 reveal on March 1


The last time Bethesda said anything about Prey 2, it deemed the game as having "not been canceled," though it was no longer listed on the publisher's site. A recent teaser site sprang up with the URL "" however, and much like any conspiracy theory, all signs from it point to whatever we want them to point to, such as the revival of Prey 2.

NeoGAF users grabbed supposed screens of the site's previous source code that flat-out had the key words "Prey 2" and "Human Head Studios" in it, though the teaser site has seemingly been edited since then to remove those phrases. The cryptic countdown timer (which uses a "South Venusian" font, by the way) is ticking down to March 1. WhoIs registration info on the domain owner lists a private registrant by the name of "The Collective," with a Tahlequah, Oklahoma address, which happens to be next door to the Cherokee Tribal Administration. Coupled with the phrase "Tommy needs your help," which is still in the teaser site's source code, these two clues would certainly hint at the main character of Prey, a Cherokee mechanic and former soldier.

The teaser site might not be associated with Bethesda or Human Head Studios in any way, even if the logo at the top of the page looks strikingly similar to signs from previous Prey 2 screens. We reached out to Bethesda just to make sure we're not too crazy, as there's still no definitive sign that this is entirely legit.

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