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Street Fighter X Tekken PC gets character DLC on Wednesday, temporarily $5

Jordan Mallory

The PC versions of fighting games are usually the last to receive any updates or content made for their respective arcade and/or console brethren, but that doesn't mean the developers behind said games don't feel super awful about it.

To wit, Capcom will be reducing the price of the Street Fighter X Tekken character DLC that hits PCs on Wednesday, February 6, from $19.99 to $4.99, at least for the first two weeks of its availability. The DLC pack contains 12 characters originally added to the console version back in July of last year.

Capcom has also stated that development on the PC version of SFXT's "ver. 2013" update is still underway, and while there is no set window for its release, "the team is very aware that the DLC for SFXT has taken longer than usual to be released and is working hard to try and reduce the amount of time you will have to wait."

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