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FTC issues mobile privacy guidelines, values clarity and Do Not Track


The FTC has made online privacy one of its bigger missions as of late, going so far as to develop a full privacy framework that it hopes others will follow. Its counsel is extending to the mobile world with a new report full of recommendations for privacy inside apps, ads and mobile operating systems. Some of the advice includes decidedly common sense measures, such as asking for privacy permissions at a relevant moment or requiring clear disclosures as to what info leaves the device. Other tips require more exertion: the FTC would like to see dedicated privacy dashboards inside of apps, privacy policies that are visible directly from app stores and a simple Do Not Track option baked into both mobile browsers as well as ads. The suggestions aren't binding, and they're only partly useful when we've already seen features like Do Not Track find their way into newer platforms like iOS 6 and Windows Phone 8. Still, the report is potentially a worthwhile read for developers -- especially those that want to stay on the FTC's good side.

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