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Apple product placement in Netflix's House of Cards


Placement of Apple products in TV shows and movies is usually a subtle way for the company to insert its product line into the psyche of the viewing public. Engadget's Sharif Sakr thinks that Apple and the people behind Netflix's streaming series House of Cards may have gone a bit too far with product placement.

As Sakr notes, House of Cards is a "big deal," a streaming exclusive that is funded by Netflix and that doesn't have to be edited to fit into specific broadcast time slots or to add advertisement breaks. But he was stunned with just how blatant the product placement was. There was one scene in the show -- see the image at the top of this post -- in which there are nine Apple devices being used by two people.

Subsequent shots show the main character (played by Kevin Spacey) talking to his wife, who is also using an iPhone. Cut to another angle, and we see that Spacey's character uses an iMac as his primary computer.

While most product placements are subtle and almost unconsciously viewed, Safr notes that the excessive display of Apple products has destroyed the credibility of House of Cards for him. Do you watch House of Cards? If so, do you think that the overuse of Apple product placement has ruined the series for you? Let us know in the comments.

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