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Riptide Games acquired by Mercury Active, developer Brian Robbins leaves


We've posted a few times before about Brian Robbins' Riptide Games. In addition to being a vocal member of the dev community, Robbins has worked with his team to make popular apps like My Pet Zombie and the iLook series. Now, Riptide has announced that it's getting acquired by a company called Mercury Active, which is part of a company called Mercury Filmworks based up in Canada that works on major television and film properties. The acquisition will earn Mercury Riptide's entire library, and presumably the company will end up helping Mercury make and work on other interactive titles in the future.

As for Robbins, he's sticking with the team short term, but he's announced that he'll be leaving the venture soon. There's no news on what he plans to do just yet, but he says he's still interested in mobile, and would like to work on the technology of mobile games, as well as doing various consulting and advising for other projects.

Riptide is a solid mid-level company on the App Store, and it should give Mercury Active a nice foothold on the iOS platform. As for Robbins, we wish him the best, and we'll look forward to seeing where he's headed next.

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