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Twitch goes premium with Turbo: no ads and priority support for $9 a month


Twitch has been a popular destination for video game-voyeurs for some time. Now, to boost its bottom line and please the more ardent ad-haters out there, the service is rolling out a premium tier of service dubbed Twitch Turbo. For $8.99 per-month customers not only get to avoid being bombarded with product pitches, they'll also enjoy an enhanced chat tool with custom emoticons, colors and a special badge identifying them as a paying subscriber. Not to mention priority customer support. Those who don't want to cough up a monthly fee can still watch all their favorite e-sport broadcasts for free, so don't get all panicky. The launch follows recent moves by the platform to expand support to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and promises to support OUYA when it starts shipping. Hit up the source link to sign up for yourself.

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