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BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 brings a BB10 feature to iOS


BlackBerry may be launching its new BlackBerry 10 mobile OS in the coming weeks, but it's not ignoring customers who use alternative platforms. In fact, it's embracing these other platforms by bringing a BlackBerry 10 experience to iOS and Android devices, says a report in CrackBerry.

The new BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 will include a work spaces feature that allows administrators to setup a work space and a home space on a user's iOS or Android device. The home space will be open for employees to use as they see fit, while the work space will be locked down to only pre-approved applications and data. It's very similar to the BlackBerry Balance feature found on BlackBerry 10 handsets.

Though it might not persuade businesses to adopt BlackBerry 10 handsets, this work spaces option may encourage companies with a "Bring Your Own Device" policy to keep BES up and running in their IT department.

[Via Expert Reviews UK]

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