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Join the Engadget HD Podcast live on Ustream at 8:30PM ET

Ben Drawbaugh

It's still not Monday and we're once again off of our regular recording schedule of the Engadget HD podcast. But please still tune in live at on this edition at 8:30PM and be be a part of it. Start by reviewing the list of topics after the break, then participate in the live chat.

Totally blow out the big game! Super Bowl XLVII
Super Bowl XLVII live stream notches 3 million unique viewers, breaks records
Twitter snaps up Bluefin Labs to develop new TV experiences, ad opportunities
Liberty Global buys Virgin Media for $23.3 billion
Editorial: Is that Kevin Spacey behind all those Apple products?

Netflix now streaming 'House of Cards' season premiere at no cost, hopes you get hooked
VESA outs latest DisplayPort Dual-Mode 1.1 standard with 4K HDMI support
Blockbuster On Demand gives streaming a second chance, with odd limitations
Vudu brings disc-to-digital UltraViolet conversions home to beta users
XBMC 12 Frodo launches in finished form with support for Android, live TV
FCC filing reveals Apple TV model A1469 with slightly smaller dimensions
Nintendo's Iwata acknowledges slow Wii U sales, but no price drop is coming
Google Maps and TiVo integration on Nintendo Wii U delayed beyond January
THX releases iOS app for calibrating your home theater's visuals and audio
Dijit acquiring Miso, plans to give you even more to do while you watch TV
MoviePass app comes to Android with $30/mo theater access, caveats
AT&T rebrands U-verse Live TV as Mobile TV, plans start at $10 per month
Nintendo Q3 earnings show 3 million Wii Us sold, sales forecasts lowered again
LG's Q4 earnings show a narrow yearly net profit of $80.75 million, improved income for all divisions
Sharp manages an operating profit in Q3, but forecast remains cloudy
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