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Paradox announces two iOS games for 2013, including a Magicka game


Paradox Interactive has been primarily a PC gaming studio. It has enjoyed success on Steam with titles like Magicka and Europa Universalis. But last weekend at an event in Iceland, Paradox announced that it's making the jump over to Apple's handheld platforms, with two forthcoming games.

The first is a version of Magicka for tablets, which will appear on the iPad. It's subtitled Wizards of the Square Tablet, and like the PC game, it's about (up to) four different wizards combining seven different elements into spell groups, and tossing spells around that can be both helpful or harmful. The game looks excellent, and seems like a nice tablet-based twist on the popular and well-made Magicka series. The game promises lots of single- and multiplayer action, and should be available soon.

Paradox is also working on a more tactical game called Leviathan Warships, which will feature some top-down multiplayer battles with 10-second turns. Each ship in a player's fleet will have a balanced set of strengths and weaknesses, making for a very strategic battlefield across a series of maps. This game doesn't seem as far along (or as close to release) as Magicka's tablet version, but it does look good, and we'll keep an eye out for it.

Paradox, as I said, has been doing very well on the PC, and it's not too surprising that the company has started testing the waters on mobile platforms. This is a great duo of first releases, and hopefully we'll get them in our hands very soon.

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