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Take-Two Interactive bags 405% year-over-year profit increase during Q3 2013

Jordan Mallory

Take-Two Interactive has released its financial report for the three month period ending on December 31, 2012, or "Q3 2013" in technical terms. The company raked in net revenue (read: gross income) of $415.7 million during that period; a 75.9 percent increase over the $236.3 million it earned in Q3 of fiscal 2012.

Net income (read: profit) was also up year-over-year, $71.3 million during Q3 2013 versus $14.1 million in 2012, which is an astonishing 405.9 percent increase. Meanwhile, Take-Two's nine month year-to-date figures are reporting a loss of $51.9 million, down from the $41.9 million loss reported at this same time in fiscal 2012.

Revenues accrued from digital sales were up 244 percent year-over-year, an increase that Take-Two attributes to Borderlands, Borderlands 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, NBA 2k13, the Grand Theft Auto series and all of those games' respective DLC.

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