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Belkin announces FastFit keyboard case for iPad mini


The battle of the iPad mini keyboard cases has heated up the past two days. Logitech fired the first volley by announcing the US$79 Ultrathin Keyboard mini yesterday. Today, Belkin took a shot at Logitech by announcing the FastFit keyboard case for iPad mini.

Belkin's keyboard case is priced just a buck more than the Logitech keyboard at US$79.99. The company managed to squeeze a keyboard cover into a thickness of just 7 mm, which is thinner than the iPad mini itself by 0.2 mm and the Logitech unit by 0.3 mm. Using Bluetooth 3.0, it's designed to give users up to 155 hours of use between charges. Logitech's unit, by comparison, will run for 180 hours between charges based on two hours of use per day, but it is thicker and heavier.

The Belkin FastFit keyboard case is available for pre-order today, and it sounds as if the units will ship in about two months. We'll have a full review of the case at that time.

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