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Gaze into the eyes, ear horns of these BioShock Infinite figures


We may not be able to judge how BioShock Infinite plays as a game yet, but we can certainly tell that it's a pretty experience with some intriguing characters, at least superficially. Now you can own two of those characters, Elizabeth and one of the Boys of Silence, both made by the video game toy gurus at NECA.

The Elizabeth and Boys of Silence figures are available in the Irrational Games store for $20 each or $35 as a set. Irrational also added lithographs of the Handyman, Elizabeth and Songbird, and Charles, each for $25 or $65 for the trio. A limited edition trio includes signatures from Irrational creative director Ken Levine and artist Robb Waters, running $150.

NECA's Sky-Hook replica will also hit the Irrational Games store "soon," in a limited quantity. It's not safe for too much awesomeness to exist in one online retailer, after all.

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