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ProCutX for iPad links with Final Cut Pro X, lets you slice and dice footage from afar


Final Cut Pro X is already a pretty great piece of software all on its own, but there might be some video gurus who wouldn't mind adding a little touch-based action to their current workflow. Here's where ProCutX comes in: the iPad app's claiming to give Mac vid editors a canvas where they can easily have access to many of FCPX's editing tools, including color grading and auto-correct, quick keywording, compound clip editing and import / export / rendering shortcuts. In addition, ProCutX also allows users to do a little precision timeline scrubbing, while the ability to record voiceovers, have access to volume controls and the option to tweak more advanced audio settings are other tasks that can be done straight from the app. Now, ProCutX isn't your run-of-the-mill, less-than-a-buck app, so folks will have to shell out a $25 premium in order to download -- but, given how interested parties would be the ones who already spent the $299 on FCPX, something tells us they likely won't be opposed to investing a few more dollars. If that's you, then give that source link a click to get more acquainted with the handy app.

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