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ProCutX lets you control Final Cut Pro X using your iPad

From the Why Didn't Someone Think of This Sooner Department comes ProCutX for iOS, an iPad app that serves as a touchscreen-based controller for Final Cut Pro X. It's developed by Pixel Film Studios, a California-based video production company that also sells plugins for Final Cut Pro.

Selling for US$24.99 in the App Store, ProCutX offers quick access to a variety of common functions, not the least of which is a prominent jog shuttle wheel for scrubbing through footage. The app also lets users utilize their iPad's screen like a trackpad for selecting and cutting footage without the need to switch input devices.

Future plans for the app include voice commands and the ability to link up multiple iPads in order to place specific sub-panels such as color grading on them for even easier access. Finally, while ProCutX will run on the iPad mini, we have to imagine that the controls might be rendered just a wee bit small, something to keep in mind if you're using one of Apple's smaller tablets.

[Via Engadget]

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