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Rumor: Next Xbox always online, uses Blu-ray


Rumors on details about the next Xboxen are beginning to fly fast and furious, with an always-on Internet connection and Blu-ray drive being the latest. Edge cites sources with "first-hand experience" who rehash previously noted tech specs, but also mention the next Xbox will have an improved Kinect and an always-on internet connection to cut out the second-hand game market from the platform. The use of high-capacity Blu-ray discs seems a natural assumption since ... well, HD-DVD is no longer with us.

UK site VG247 (Microsoft UK must be a sieve) noted similar details to what Edge is putting out there last April.

Microsoft has not made any official announcement on its next Xbox, nor do we have any concrete idea of when the company plans to announce the product. Sony, on the other hand, is expected to announce the PlayStation 4 on February 20.

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