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DayZ standalone dev update flaunts new island, rehauled loot spawning


DayZ mod creator Dean Hall has been hard at work on the standalone retail version of DayZ since it was announced back in August, and even has dreams of console ports dancing around in his head. In this hefty development diary, he is joined by production assistant Matt Lightfoot and takes the time to check in with us on the improvements to the terrain of Chernarus, the enhanced UI and the new loot spawning system.

A good deal of the first part of the video has to deal with clothing, but the real juicy stuff comes at the tail-end where the two go into how loot spawning has changed – specifically, items can spawn in odd places like behind an overturned chair or underneath a kitchen table. So in the standalone version, you'll need to poke around a bit more to find those tins of baked beans, whereas in the mod things are pretty much there in plain sight.

On top of that, the world of DayZ has gotten a bit more damp with the addition of swamps to the island and even another small island off the coast of Chernarus. It's an island pulled directly from Arma 2, the original game the DayZ mod was built on.

Sadly, Hall has no word on when we might get to play the standalone version of DayZ, but did say that the team at Bohemia Interactive are working to be more transparent during the development process, offering information in blog posts and (hopefully) more lengthy video updates like these.

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