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Nethaera puts the Knaak hate in perspective

Adam Holisky

Some of the people who follow the WoW books are not very big fans of Richard A. Knaak. They don't feel that his characters are developed, that the plots connect well, and that his stories themselves are well done. Basically, they don't like his writing.

Now in an academic or one-on-one discussion, this wouldn't get nasty. But this is the internet after all, and people have a tendency to go nuts about stuff. One of the favorite targets of some is Knaak. Nethaera lends her voice:

I think this is the beauty of reading books written by different authors. Their style is going to appeal differently to one person than it does another. There are many times my friends and colleagues will absolutely rave about a particular author, but when I go to read, I find I'm turned off by them and can't agree.

Likewise, there are many people that prefer the way I relate information over one of my colleagues or vice versa. Hopefully, overall, we manage to convey the information that's most important/relevant and that more people enjoy it than not. We can't please all the people all of the time, but hopefully, those that may not be happy about the author selection will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. As always, the Creative Development team is working very closely with Mr. Knaak as well as the other authors to make sure that we're delivering the best stories we can.

Personally, I don't mind his writing at all. I'm not saying it's on the level of China Mieville, Ed Greenwood, or R. A. Salvatore; but I still enjoy what he writes. Some might even argue with me about the merits of those authors, but then again, that's Neth's entire point: to each their own.

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