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Nexus 7 WiFi + 3G model goes on sale in Japan February 9th


Google's Nexus 7 tablet will soon be freed from the tyranny of WiFi range in Japan, as the 32GB WiFi + 3G model (supporting W-CDMA and HSPA+ networks) is finally launching there this Saturday, aka February 9th. Nothing's changed from the WiFi-only version apart from the additional micro-SIM slot, of course, and although there's no confirmed pricing, it's expected to cost 29,800 yen (around $318, a little more than in the US) when it pops up online. Given the rate at which new Nexus devices disappear from the Play store, those eager for one from the first batch should think about clearing their diaries, and adding "click refresh" to their weekend to-do list, a thousand times over.

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