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Rabbit video chat beta kicks off


Late in December we told you about the upcoming Rabbit video chat and screensharing service, aimed specifically at Mac users in the near term. Rabbit's team has been cranking away since then, and today the service begins welcoming invited testers to the closed beta.

Rabbit's aim is to transform the current one-to-one or one-to-many experience of video chat into a massively social experience. Chat rooms in Rabbit have no specific participant limit, and the service adapts your incoming audio to deliver the conversations "near" you without overwhelming your ears or your bandwidth.

Sharing content with your chat or Facebook buddies is also a core part of the Rabbit experience. Whether it's screenshared items from your Mac, a song on Spotify or hosted video content on YouTube or Hulu, you should all see and hear it together.

Beta invitations are rolling out to the service this month, so if you're interested, sign up and check it out.

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