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City State talks Camelot Unchained skills, progression, and more

Jef Reahard

Ready for round two of the foundational principles behind Mark Jacobs' Camelot Unchained? Good, because City State is back with an RvR-centric blog entry designed to whet your appetite for the upcoming PvP title.

The piece starts off with an example of how crafters will serve an important purpose in the game's "TriRealm" dynamic. "As an RvR-focused game, hummingbirds won't be dropping rare and unique items; well, unless you consider bird poop rare and unique," the dev blog explains. "You will get rewards for killing other players, other players' helpers, and some stuff in the world, but it won't be gear and we will also not offer tokens."

Skill progression is also on today's menu, and City State says that Camelot Unchained will reward you based "on the activities that you are participating in directly." The dev blog also hints at "you are what you do" gameplay and says that the team favors classes for this particular MMO.

There's a lot more to today's post, including bits about zerging, crowd-control, housing, and crafting, so head to the City State site for all the details.

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