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Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter goes live, aiming for Nov. 2014 release


The Kickstarter campaign for Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey launched this morning, and Ragnar Tørnquist's Red Thread Games hopes to conjure at least $850,000 in funding through it. That's the amount the Norwegian developer envisions will be enough to bring the Dreamfall sequel to a digital launch on PC in November 2014.

Although Red Thread secured $175,000 via the Norwegian Film Institute to help resurrect its classic adventure series, the developer revealed it was planning a Kickstarter campaign soon after announcing Chapters. Red Thread says it needs the additional funds to expand its development team, acquire hardware and software licenses, and for other base costs.

Chapters sees players reprise the role of Dreamfall heroine Zoë Castillo, taking her back to the twin worlds of Stark, and its science-heavy cyberpunk motif, and Arcadia, a magical and capricious reflection of the human world. Chapters introduces a new landscape too, Storytime, which Red Thread describes as a "mysterious dreaming realm... where every story begins, and where dreams come to life." Chapters also continues the storyline of The Longest Journey protagonist April Ryan, answering the question hanging over her fate from the previous games.

Red Thread announced this week it's partnering with Blink Studios on Chapters, meaning Christer Sveen, art director on Dreamfall, is now on board. Chapters also welcomes back to the series Dreamfall co-writer Dag Scheve.

Red Thread has yet to outline any stretch goals. The developer is offering a variety of game editions through various pledge rewards, but the base cost to secure a copy of the game is $20 for 5000 early-bird funders, or $25 for those who aren't so quick on the pledge button.

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