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Face of Mankind gets a revamp in the upcoming Milestone patch

The free-to-play MMOFPS Face of Mankind is due for a major update soon. A new dev blog has been put out in order to explain some of the changes that will be coming about in the patch.

The mining and crafting systems are getting an overhaul: Resources will be collected, transported, and refined into useful materials in new ways. Augmenting that will be a reformed death and cloning system. Players will drop all non-bound items in their inventory on death, and the process of creating a new clone to get back into action with will be lengthier (although it can, of course, be sped up for a cost.) Players will now be able to create and manage their own factions, rather than sticking with the eight factions that were previously in the game.

There's more! There's so, so much more (including "stuff with aliens"). Keep an eye out for a Kickstarter campaign to fund new improvements and systems for the game.

Skip below the cut to catch the full details.

[Thanks to intrepid explorer Alex for the tip!]

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