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Breakfast Topic: Do you do the Darkmoon Faire?


I've been playing WoW which means that I've definitely been playing since The Darkmoon Faire Island made its debut in 2011. Yet my first trip to the isle was this month. I'm not sure why I didn't go before. I knew there were fun repeatable quests to do, and I knew there were nifty pets to be had. So why didn't I go?

I think part of the reason was that I didn't realize that the profession quests gave experience as well as skill ups. I also thought that they still required you to pick up drops from all over Azeroth. But instead of picking up tails, pelts and feathers, there is just one quest that has you pick up Grisly Trophies of everything you defeat, which doesn't even require looting.

I also was under the impression that it was a pain to get to. Wrong. Not only are the portals to the Faire outside of easy to get to places, you can buy a trip to the current portal from the Darkmoon Faire representative hanging out in major cities.

By the way, if you are going to the Faire for the first time since the revamp, do bring 5 sacks of flour if you're a cook and 5 sheets of parchment if you're a scribe. That will save you from having to exit and find a trade supplies vendor in order to complete those two profession quests.

I've been missing out and I feel pretty silly about it since I'm usually into the event-related content. What about you?

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