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No built-in weather alerts for you if you're on the AT&T LTE Network

Mel Martin

That headline reflects the sad truth. All Things Digital is reporting that AT&T's new LTE network can't send the highly touted weather alerts from the National Weather Service. The system, which came online last year, allows local, state and federal government agencies to push alert messages to cellphone users. Those messages can include weather alerts, like warnings about the big storm in the Northeast, Amber alerts, or even Presidential decrees.

For now, if you're on AT&T, you'll only see the alerts if you are on the older HSPA network. If you're on LTE, you're out of luck.

AT&T hopes to have things working by the end of the year. You can get some details from AT&T on how the system works, or in some cases, doesn't work at all.

Of course, iPhone users have other options to receive push notification of weather emergencies, such as 3rd party apps like wt360 Pro, The Weather Channel app, and the Accuweather app.

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