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Breakfast Topic: Is your WoW subscription currently inactive?


WoW Insider readers are a curious bunch. Among the WoW community, WoW Insider seems to have gathered a disproportionately large number of readers who religiously follow game news, editorials, and features yet don't actively play. Sometimes they have no intention of playing again any time soon, but they love the game and the game community enough that they enjoy keeping up with the latest developments on at least a semi-regular basis.

Probably every reader who's glanced at the comments has noticed That Guy who doesn't play anymore but who complains bitterly about everything he feels is wrong. (Usually, the commenter's sense of wrongness extends from the game to WoW Insider and even the post author themselves. We actually don't consider a WI blogger to be seasoned until he or she has been called "everything that's wrong with WoW Insider/WoW today.") These bitter old retirees are often the butts of mockery for their inability to let go of a game they once held dear. Personally, I cut these guys some slack; they're sad because the game has moved on in a way that no longer suits them, yet they just can't let go of the game they love.

But it's not just the grumpy old-timers who stick around WoW Insider long after their game accounts have gone dark. Plenty of players find themselves on WoW sabbaticals and leaves with some regularity, frequently due to the seasonal demands of work or school. For others, their subscription periods ebb and flow in relation to their personal finances.


If your WoW subscription isn't currently active, tell us why you continue to keep up with the game and if and when you intend to play again.

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