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nGees: Another tiny Android console


Another day, another itty bitty Android console. Joining the likes of Ouya, GameStick and Project Shield is the nGees (pronounced "in jeez"), the "Next Generation Entertainment System." Seeking funding on Indiegogo, The little box packs many of the same features seen in other Android consoles, though this one is pitched more as a multimedia device. That includes everything from Skype video conferencing to photo sharing, movies, music and even things like editing documents.

On the gaming front, the box appears to run currently available Android games. Specifically, the above video shows Fruit Ninja being played with a motion-sensing remote control. And, of course, it plays Angry Birds. The games don't appear to be built specifically for the device – you can clearly see a shot of the standard Google Play store at 1:01 – suggesting that the remote is simply emulating touch screen controls on your TV, which doesn't exactly sound ideal. The device does however, promise to support "most of your electronic devices" via USB, and the video shows off a wireless Logitech controller being used. As for the specs, the device sports an ARM9 dual-core processor and a quad-core GPU.

A pledge of $99, $139 or $159 will net you an 8GB, 16GB or 32GB nGees, respectively, with an estimated delivery of May 2013. Strangely, only the $4,000 pledge level mentions including a remote control. nGees is seeking $395,000, with 52 days to go.

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