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Nike+ FuelBand app will stay iOS-exclusive for now

The Nike+ FuelBand is a smart bracelet that keeps track of your exercising, such as running -- dashing, if you will -- and now the sports brand has dashed the hopes of Android users hoping for a companion app, saying that it will be sticking with an iOS-only approach for the foreseeable future.

Nike had said that an Android version of was in the works last year, but it failed to materialize by the promised fall 2012 release date. Now it appears that the brand isn't even working on a version for Google's mobile OS. "Right now, we're focused on iOS and web," the company confirmed in a tweet over the weekend. "We're not working on an Android app."

The Nike+ FuelBand is sold in Apple Stores in addition to Nike's own retail locations, but we wouldn't read anything into the former fact having anything to do with the sports brand's decision-making process. What's more likely is that Nike is simply hitting a wall in terms of getting its hardware and software to play nicely with the countless combination of Android devices and OS revisions in consumers' hands, whereas on iOS such rampant fragmentation isn't a problem.

[Via AppleInsider]

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