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Tomb Raider Minimates debut at Toy Fair

Bags Hooper

At Toy Fair, Diamond Select Toys showed off six new Tomb Raider Minimate figures, based on the upcoming reboot. The Minimates, which look like Lego figures with more points of articulation, are slated to hit shelves this summer, as two-packs sold in comic and specialty stores.

The six figures shown include: a basic Lara Croft, a Lara Croft with battle damage, Captain Conrad Roth (Lara's mentor), two enemy scavengers and a figure who appeared to look like a priest. Diamond Select wasn't at liberty to share the names of the characters but suggested that the figure with the hood was a type of priest.

The Art Asylum-designed figures excellent details, right down to Captain Conrad's chiseled eyebrows and five o'clock shadow. Each figure comes with accessories. The basic Lara Croft has a more generic hatchet, while the battle damaged, mud soaked Lara Croft has the stylized hatchet we've seen from Tomb Raider concept art. The Molotov cocktail scavenger comes with just that – a Molotov cocktail. The second scavenger had a shield and an iron mask. The designs are still pending licensor approval.

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