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Image credit: A web store for all of those Apple-related Kickstarter projects


There's a new website in town, one that is an online storefront for nothing but Apple-related Kickstarter projects. is a Shopify store that sells many of those nifty Kickstarter products that you may have missed out on backing, but always wanted.

There are a number of items in the store that we've covered on TUAW in the past: Une Bobine, Adonit Jot Pro stylus, the ChargeCard iPhone charger in your wallet, the Glif, the Olloclip, the very cool OCDock, the SensuBrush brush stylus and the Woxom SlingShot. But the fun for me lies in the number of Kickstarter products I didn't even know about that are available for purchase.

Best of all, the products have all made it through the Kickstarter process and are in production, so there's no worry that you're going to be a backer of a project and then wait for your sample to show in the mail a year later. is a perfect place to find those cool gadgets to make your Apple life complete.

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