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Getting your iOS screen clean on: wipin' secrets


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In this world, there are those who don't let a little grease and grime bother them. And then there are those of us who buy bulk cleaning products at Costco and carefully tend to our oleophobic screens, caressing and conditioning our babies.

Guess which group TUAW blogger Kelly H. belongs to? That's her iPad mini shown at the top of this post.

Chris R. uses his Smart Cover's built-in microfiber for iPad cleaning but not for his iPhone. "The iPhone gets wiped on jeans, shirt, whatever." Kelly G. augments that approach with "Spit, breath, whatever." Randy N. relies on both the Smart Cover and his jeans. "I rub my phone on my leg," he admits.

The rest of us at TUAW depend on a variety of approaches for keeping our preciousssss clean. The most popular solution is the microfiber cloth, useful for phones, tablets and camera equipment. It was endorsed by the whole team. Mike W. mentioned he picks his cloths up for cheap from Amazon. Hunt around for deals.

Steve S. swears by Antec Advance spray. As the marketing text states, it's a "unique non-drip formula that adheres to your device's screen, allowing for quick and easy cleaning, and is anti-bacterial to keep your device germ-free."

I use Wipe N Clear, which I in buy bulk from Costco. The individual packets make for easy transport; they work on my glasses as well as my iPad; and I can tuck a few away in my backpack. They're not perfect -- often leaving a few stray fibers -- but you can't beat them for convenience.

How do you maintain your phones and tablets? Drop a note in the comments and share your cleaning secrets.

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