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Last Week in WoW: Patch 5.2 anticipation edition


Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. Certainly, lots of people are getting a little impatient for patch 5.2, and while the recent background downloader activity is a good sign, we still have a while to go. Bashiok's told us that Blizzard's aiming for the end of the month to release the patch, and there's always a chance of delays with Blizzard. A few more weeks of PTR is a good thing, though. There's still reports of some much needed LFR tuning, and the Isle of Thunder hasn't been completely unlocked for testing either.

In non-patch 5.2 news, this is a good season for in-game holidays. Love Is In the Air is around again, and we, of course, have a guide. As of this writing there's still no announced downtime, but whether you're waiting out some downtime or just making your morning rounds, why not keep reading for more informative articles and the latest patch news?

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