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Nicalis picks up Kickstarter-funded 'The '90s Arcade Racer'


The '90s Arcade Racer is a game by Pelikan13 meant to recreate the feeling of classic Sega racing games like Daytona USA and Scud Race. With six days left on its Kickstarter drive, it's exceeded its modest £10,000 goal.

It's also picked up a publisher: Nicalis, best known for Cave Story. Nicalis will help bring the racing game to iOS, Android and Wii U, in addition to the planned PC, Mac and Linux releases.

The project appears to have struck a chord with Nicalis producer Tyrone Rodriguez, who explains that he was a devout Sega racing game fan, as well as a designer on The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift for PS2 and PSP. He also has "over 100 hours of real-world track time (open-wheel, street and race cars)." We hope that enthusiasm for racing shines through.

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