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Should Moonglade return to being the druid's Peak of Serenity?


Leveling up a monk is good fun and rather speedy. Starting from level 20, monks can complete daily quests that allow them to practice key skills and also reward an experience buff that stacks up to 48 hours. All they have to do is use their Zen Pilgrimage skill to send their spirits to the Peak of Serenity and interact with their Monk trainers. No other class has this kind of training, but the druids used to have something similar in Moonglade.

Once upon a time, leveling up a druid was much more difficult than it is now, and arguably more fun. Each form had a class quest to go with it and the Moonglade teleport spell was used to get these quests, as druids needed to speak to the druid trainers in the Cenarion Circle in order to advance as a shape-changer. Granted, the Aquatic Form quest was a royal pain, but it was a rite of passage that I thought made sense. There were no daily quests, nor was there repeated training as to how to use the forms, but the class quests did make advancing as a druid more rewarding.

I think they should revamp Moonglade to return it to its former glory and use the Peak of Serenity as a model for training druids how to use their forms and other key skills.

In a not-so-recent Queue, the_DECK asked about the status of Moonglade, and Anne replied that a revamp wouldn't make sense lore-wise.

The likelihood is kind of slim. See, Moonglade is the home of the Cenarion Circle -- a druid organization that was originally formed by night elves thousands of years ago. It wasn't until recently that they allowed taurens to join the organization, and even though they were allowed, the tauren aren't exactly widely-accepted by everyone in the group. Troll and worgen druids are so very recent that they simply haven't had time to integrate nicely with the rest of the druids.

Not to mention the fact that worgen druids exist solely because of a night elf screw-up that caused the forming of the Cenarion Circle in the first place, and trolls and night elves are not best friends, and likely never will be. I wouldn't cross my fingers on a cross-racial Moonglade full of kitties holding hands -- er, paws -- anytime soon.
I see her point, but since there are troll and worgen druids and they are running around representing druids in general, I can see the Cenarion Circle wanting to assert some control over these upstarts and to make sure they are behaving appropriately. After all, the Peak of Serenity allows Forsaken monks to join them and be trained, and almost no race, particularly all the Alliance ones, want to be around the undead. No one has forgotten or forgiven Wrathgate, after all.

Should Moonglade return to being the druid's Peak of SerenityI understand that one of the main reasons for the daily quests and the buff was to allow monks to quickly catch up to the other classes and participate in the endgame soon after Mists of Pandaria was released -- and I heartily applaud the choice. Well done, Blizzard. But the skills you learn from the admittedly repetitive quests are useful for most classes and help the average noob player be more valuable in groups. This kind of attention to interrupts, snares and not standing in bad benefits all classes.

One of the great things about the monk quests is that they are optional. It's silly not to spend the 5 minutes getting the XP gain and buff, but the quests are not required to move forward. The druid form quests were required. I'm not suggesting that Moonglade return to exactly what it used to be at all. But optional quests to teach how to use each form as it becomes available would be a wonderful use of the area, which is now only used for the Lunar Festival.

Do I think that only druids and monks should get the Peak of Serenity treatment? Absolutely not. But it's logical for the druids to be next in line since they already have Moonglade and the teleport to it. Other classes may not even need their own space. Our trainers are only good for respeccing right now. Put them to use giving us class quests to get pretty hats or nifty boots every so often.

Do you think Moonglade should return to its heyday? What kinds of places would you like to see be training grounds for your class?

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