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DMC: Devil May Cry reigns over a Bloody Palace on February 20


The free Bloody Palace update hits DMC: Devil May Cry on Tuesday, February 19 for PS3 and on February 20 for Xbox 360 in the US; European Xbox 360 and PS3 players get the update on February 20.

Bloody Palace mode is a 100-level romp through demon-infested rooms, and it will support leaderboards, just as in Devil May Cry 4. The update comes with some bonus bug fixes, including the removal of a glitch that renders the succubus Poison non-interactive, fixes to style points calculations, increased damage from the weakest enemies, increased damage from all enemies in Nephilim and Son of Sparda modes, and no more infinite angel glide.

Sorry, Dante. Looks like it's time to clip those wings.

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