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Foursquare for Android now makes it easier to find friends, places nearby


It's safe to say the Android folk account for a pretty good chunk of Foursquare's hefty user base, so it's only logical for the social firm to often bring more and more new features to the highly-rated app. As such, today Foursquare announced it has added a few additional tidbits to its Android offering, including a couple which are bound to make it simpler for users of the service to find nearby spots and friends via the application's main map. What's more, Foursquare's moved the "To-Do List" feature over to the app's left drawer for easier access, while the essential "Check In" button also has a new home on that same side but toward the bottom corner. It's worth noting that despite the latest version being live right now, Foursquare says these changes will be rolling out "over the next few weeks" -- in other words, fret not if you're not seeing the novelties show up just yet, as they're sure to be coming very soon.

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