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Massively Exclusive: Uncharted Waters Online dev diary delves deeper into El Oriente

MJ Guthrie

The latest land opened to sailors in Uncharted Waters Online is El Oriente, an eastern continent of dragons and dungeons encompassing China and Taiwan. But with such a large land mass to explore and so much to do, from shipbuilding to trade to pirating, where do you start?

To help players beginning their journeys in El Oriente, Producer Jon Merriex penned this travelogue, offering tips on where to start various activities in East Asia. Do you take pride in turning a profit? Then head to either Macau on the mainland or Tamsui in Taiwan to get in on the trade network. Prefer to plunder? You can prowl the trade route or dive into instances such as Fort San Domingo. No matter your focus, this exclusive dev diary can help you chart your course through the eastern lands.

[Source: CJ E&M press release]

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Things to do and see in El Oriente – An Uncharted Waters Online Travelogue

Asia is a big place, and we want to help players get their bearings for exploring the Far East in Uncharted Waters Online. The advantage of El Oriente being such a large area to explore is that there is a ton for players to do and see, no matter what they'd like to focus on.

Adventurers have plenty of new quests and technology to master. To get started on their journey in El Oriente, it would be wise for them to hit up Anping in Taiwan or Hangzhou in northeastern China. The archives in those cities will get explorers on the right track with the discovery map and a bunch of additional quests that will take them all over East Asia.

Traders, who are the masters at turning a profit, will have plenty to master with the Nanban trading system. The new system adds several layers of complexity due to the limited range of the trade network. The best place for traders to get started in El Oriente will be Tamsui, Taiwan or the Chinese coastal city of Macau, where they can begin tapping into the markets or look for trading companies.

For true Maritime sailors, there is no real starting city in El Oriente, but there's plenty of work to be found defending or pirating trade routes from Macau and Tamsui, and plenty of plunder to acquire from the various instances in the region, including:
  • Fort San Domingo, an abandoned Spanish military fort, which is situated deep inside the outskirts of Tamsui.
  • Giant Buddah in Leshan, which has treasures hidden by the monastery situated upstream of the Yangtze river.
New challenges await in El Oriente for shipbuilders as well – the introduction of the Ironsides capital ship will require the utmost skill to build, but the reward is great as well: a massive capital ship with double-decker cannons and an improved double-shelled hull for defensive capabilities. Other powerful Asian ships are also available, such as the defensive Turtle Ship or the agile Atakebune.

Finally, everyone should make sure to discover the majesty of the Great Wall of China or the Leshan Buddha in the game. Along the way, sailors are bound to run into a few interesting characters such as the great general Zheng Cheng Gong, who liberated the island of Taiwan from the Dutch, or the Ming Dynasty traitor, Wu San Gui, who helped erase the Ming and establish the Qing troops as the rulers of China.

No matter what players are interested in, we're excited to offer a wide array of activities in Uncharted Waters Online and hope this overview helps players dive in and focus on the exact area that interests them most.

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