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Path of Exile update adds new maps, overhauls audio, and improves art

MJ Guthrie

With Path of Exile's open beta well under way, players can expect changes here and there as issues are addressed and bugs are squashed. Yesterday, Grinding Gear Games rolled out a new update that included reworked audio and updated artwork as well as added 11 new types of maps. Full details can be found in the 0.10.1 patch notes.

Although not deployed yet, players can also expect other changes in this patch series including minion targeting, high-level mods in items, and improved livestreaming features. Then the next big patch, 0.10.2, will mark the beginning of the open beta content schedule that promises even more core content.

For more on Path of Exile, check out Massively's impressions and hands-on experiences. And be sure to watch the action next Sunday, February 17th at 10:00 p.m. EST on Massively TV.

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